What to Expect

acoustic-guitar-50-per-centIf this is your first visit to Northwest Fellowship, we hope it shows that we are very glad to have you.  In line with our values of keeping things simple, we will welcome you warmly without a lot of fanfare.  Our goal is to help you decide if this is the place where God wants you to set down roots.

One of the things you will find different about us from most churches is that, as a close fellowship, hear about praises and answered prayers from each other at the beginning of the service.  You don’t have to say anything during this time but you are welcome to if you would like.

Another thing that makes us somewhat distinct is that we value thoughtful and respectful participation after and even during the lesson (sermon). This means that those who are listening can ask a question or give an insight that lends itself to a rich discussion.

The timeline for our Sunday service looks something like this:

9:45       Coffee and fellowship time

10:00     Service begins with praises and answered prayers

10:15     Worship through music

10:35     Lesson (with participation during at the end of the lesson)

11:15     End of service (or Communion which we take once a month)

This timeline varies a bit from week to week but this gives you an idea of what it looks like on Sunday mornings.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (see contact info on the home page of this site).  Thank you and again, welcome!