Life at NWF

mountainWho are we at Northwest Fellowship and what is our niche?  Here are a few things to help you get to know us.  As we seek to faithfully attend to God in all that we do, we hope to:

Keep it simple:  NWF began without any formal process and, as some would say, without bells and whistles.  We like to do things well while keeping it as uncomplicated as possible.

Keep it organic:  At NWF we value the ever-changing dynamic of church life—no year is quite like another, and as a conscientious fellowship we try to respect these changes and adjust our ministry as needed.  This means that some years we repeat what we have done in the past and some years we do not.  Our hope is that we attend to God faithfully at each step and discern what the best course of action is along the way.

Keep it participatory We are a small, active church and we value your participation whether you are young or old, mature Christian or new, Type-A or shy. While we do not force anyone to participate, we will enthusiastically invite you to be a part of what we are doing to build the Kingdom of God!

Keep it interactive:  One of our distinctives is that we love to have interaction from the congregation during and after the Sunday sermon.  We believe that Proverbs has it right when it says that iron sharpens iron and at NWF we really do learn from the wisdom of others.  We interact in a very respectful way and are thankful for this special time of learning.

Keep it deep Another thing that is highly valued at NWF is a deeper level of teaching on Sunday morning. We generally teach expositionally (meaning that we focus on teaching the Bible in its historical/grammatical context so that we can understand what the author originally meant in his cultural and historical setting) with the hope of feeding the mature Christian and inspiring those who are younger in their faith.

We realize it takes time to get to know a group of people well and we are here to help you along the way.  We look forward to your visit!